The Falksalt UK retail and food service range

From our UK warehouse we offer a range of Falksalt and other branded product direct to retailers and distributors. To find out more about each product, place an order or enquire about our private label service please either view or download our e-catalogue. 

As well as top chefs, consumers love the versatility and flavours which our salt flakes provide and many Deli's and Café's throughout the country now stock Falksalt. If you're a retailer looking to stock the Falksalt range please get in contact

Food Service
Falksalt is also available in professional catering packs in 600g, 1.5kg and 10kg sizes.


Trade and Retail.

A popular product with consumers as well as those working in the food service industry the universal appeal of Falksalt is that it adds a flavour, colour and notable crunch when used as either a key ingredient or as a garnish.
Available in sizes which suit you.

Falksalt comes in a wide range sizes and packaging. Read more about our products, quantities, ingredients and logistics in our e-catalogue.
Interested in trying Falksalt?

If you would like to sample any of the Falksalt range please contact